Most of the time, air conditioners operate with just a soft humming sound and a gentle click when the unit turns on or off. However, loud or unusual sounds could develop at any time, and they almost always indicate a problem. If you notice squeaking sounds from your Fort Payne, AL home’s air conditioner, one of these three reasons could be to blame.

1. Loss of Lubricant

A loss of lubricant in any of the AC unit’s moving parts may cause the system to squeak. Loss of lubricant is most common in the fan motors, but it can also develop in the condenser or compressor motors. The best way to prevent the loss of lubrication is to schedule an annual springtime tune-up of your air conditioner.

2. Loose Belt

A loose fan belt may cause a squeaking sound during each cooling cycle. The belt, made of rubber, emits a squeak when it slips while in motion. A misaligned belt may also squeak while the AC operates.

3. Worn Bearings or Pads

Your air conditioner has bearings that secure the unit’s fan motor. After thousands of cooling cycles, those bearings may develop stripped threads, corrosion, or rust. This will cause them to squeak or squeal during cooling cycles. Air conditioners also have pads between the concrete footer and the unit’s housing. If the foam in the pads wears out, the unit may vibrate or squeak while it cycles. Only a qualified service technician should inspect or replace these parts.

If you’re not in need of AC repair today, our technicians at Bryant's Heating & Cooling also offer heating and cooling maintenance, repair, and installation services. You can also count on us for duct cleaning and indoor air quality services. Our preventive maintenance plan provides you with savings and peace of mind. Business owners in the Fort Payne area can turn to us for reliable commercial HVAC services, too. For additional information on why air conditioners squeak or to schedule a repair, get in touch with us at Bryant's Heating & Cooling today.


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