3 Ways to Clean Your Heating System

3 Ways to Clean Your Heating System No homeowner wants to deal with their heater breaking down, particularly in cold weather. Regular cleaning is the best way to prevent malfunctions and to ensure that your heater lasts for decades. To help you clean quickly and effectively, here are three key techniques to make use of.

  • Focus on the Filter
    The easiest way to keep your heater clean is to focus on the filter. This is one of the areas that build up debris the fastest, and it’s also where substantial debris buildup can have the most impact. After all, the purpose of the filter is to filter all those solids out from the air flowing into your home, so if it’s full and unable to do its job, then those particulates will flow through your home and get into your lungs.

    To clean out the filter, simply turn off your heater, unplug it to prevent any accidents, remove the access panel, and clean the filter. If it’s disposable, then simply replace it instead.

  • Check the Drainage Tube
    If you’ve got a gas furnace, then you should pay particular attention to the drainage tube. The purpose of the drainage tube is to remove water that is naturally produced by gas heaters. However, if that tube gets backed up, then that water will be unable to drain, which can result in some pretty serious problems. If you check the tube and see that it is either dirty or clogged up, then take the time to clean it out.
  • Clean Out the Vents
    Finally, you want to make sure that the vents are clear so that your heater can get the air where it needs to go. If the vents are blocked, then some of that hot air won’t be distributed, and you’ll end up paying for heating that you aren’t getting. If the vents are dusty, then some of that dust will be blown throughout your home, coating your furniture and affecting indoor air quality.

If you’ve taken these steps and found that your heating system is still not working properly, then it’s time to call Bryant's Heating & Cooling and get a professional opinion. We can also help with air conditioning services and indoor air quality assessments. When it comes to the Fort Payne area, we’ve got the tools and experience to solve your problems quickly, effectively, and correctly.

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