Advantages of a Wi-Fi Thermostat

Heating and cooling technology have advanced greatly from the days of warming our homes with wood fireplaces. Today, we can use a variety of energy sources for heating and cooling. We can even program our homes’ thermostats to maintain our indoor temperatures at comfortable levels all year. In recent years, more people throughout DeKalb County in Alabama have been inquiring about the benefits of installing one of the HVAC industry’s latest innovations: the Wi-Fi thermostat.

How Wi-Fi Thermostats Work

Also known as a smart thermostat, Wi-Fi thermostats allow you to create programmable, automatic thermostat settings based on your lifestyle and the surrounding weather conditions. While most people can maintain indoor comfort by using a standard programmable thermostat, Wi-Fi thermostats permit a greater ability to customize, control, and analyze heating and cooling patterns in your house or commercial space. Moreover, Wi-Fi thermostats can learn and adjust themselves to suit your daily heating and cooling patterns.

Should You Install a Programmable Thermostat?

A Wi-Fi thermostat’s effectiveness depends heavily on your existing heating and cooling system and the extent to which you are savvy when it comes to technology. You should first ensure that your HVAC system is compatible with Wi-Fi thermostat technology or that you would be willing to make the necessary upgrades if this wasn’t the case. Next, you will need to be comfortable using Wi-Fi and a smartphone, tablet, or computer to monitor and control your Wi-Fi thermostat.

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