Advantages of a WiFi Thermostat

Heating and cooling technology has advanced greatly from the days of warming our homes with wood fireplaces. Today, we are able to use a variety of energy sources for heating and cooling. We can even program our homes' thermostats to maintain our indoor temperatures at comfortable levels all year. In recent years, more people throughout [...]

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How to Save Energy During the Holidays

During the holiday season, you can expect that your heating bill will go up. However, you want to keep as much money as you can in your pocket, so it's a good idea to consider the following energy-saving tips. Seal Drafts Your heating system may work just fine, but if your home is drafty, it [...]

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3 Ways to Clean Your Heating System

No homeowner wants to deal with their heater breaking down, particularly in cold weather. Regular cleaning is the best way to prevent malfunctions and to ensure that your heater lasts for decades. To help you clean quickly and effectively, here are three key techniques to make use of. 1. Focus on the Filter The easiest [...]

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Early Fall Issues Your HVAC System Might Encounter

With fall just around the corner, you'll need to turn on your heating system before you know it. If your heater isn't performing up to par, there are some easy steps you can take to remedy early-season HVAC issues. Consider the following solutions to early fall problems that your HVAC system might encounter. Issues When [...]

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Symptoms of a Broken AC Motor

During the hot summer months, you depend on your central air conditioner to keep you and your family cool. However, if the motor goes bad, your air conditioning unit will not be able to do its job properly. If you have noticed that your home stays warm, look for the following signs that the AC [...]

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