Popular Home Heating Options This Winter

While you can likely make it through the summertime without air conditioning, the same can’t be said for the colder winter months. Cold weather can not only be damaging to the body, but it can also cause extensive damage to a home. Having a reliable heating system is a must for any homeowner.


The most popular type of heating system that you’ll find in a residential setting is the furnace. This heating system can run on different fuels, including natural gas and heating oil. Furnaces create heat by burning their fuel supply and forcing that hot air through ducting inside of a home. The blower fan will continue to circulate air throughout your home until it reaches the set temperature on your thermostat.


A boiler system is fairly similar to a furnace. However, instead of circulating hot air, it circulates hot water or steam, depending on the specific system. Rather than using vents as furnaces do, boilers utilize radiators to disperse the heat from the hot water or steam.

Heat Pump

A heat pump is another popular option that’s more energy-efficient than traditional furnaces. Instead of creating heating by burning fuel, this type of system simply transfers heat from outside into your home. There are three main types of heat pumps, and the difference between them is where they’re pulling the heat from. These types are air, water, and ground source heat pumps.

Ductless Mini-Split

If your home doesn’t have any existing ducting, a great heating option is the ductless mini-split system. These systems comprise an outdoor compressor unit and indoor wall units. The outdoor unit is essentially a heat pump. However, the heat is delivered via the refrigerant to indoor wall units that have individual fans to disperse the heat into the various rooms throughout your home.

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