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The Ideal Temperature to Set Your AC When Going on Vacation

Your to-do list before leaving for a vacation can be extensive. Not only do you need to pack and ask someone to watch after your pets, but you also need to make sure your thermostat is set to the ideal temperature. Many people make the mistake of thinking it’s okay to just turn off their air conditioner while they’re away from home, not realizing that doing so could harm their home.

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The Advantage of Leaving Your Air Conditioning On

When your air conditioner is turned off, your house can become quite hot and humid. All of that humidity is bad for your furniture, your walls, and your home’s flooring. Excess humidity can cause wood to expand, buckle, and crack. Not only will leaving your air conditioning system on help to prevent such damage from occurring, but it’s also more energy-efficient. When you return home, you’ll naturally want to cool your house again. Leaving your AC unit at a consistent temperature while you’re gone requires less energy than trying to cool down your home down after you return.

What’s the Ideal Temperature for Your AC While You’re Away?

ThermostatIdeally, you should set your thermostat to somewhere between 80 and 85 degrees while you’re away on vacation. For most people, this is still warmer than the temperature they would have their thermostat set to while they’re at home while simultaneously helping to keep humidity at bay.

A programmable thermostat can make the process of setting the temperature for your home while you’re away even easier. You can manage your thermostat conveniently from your smartphone. On the day of your return, simply schedule your thermostat to return to whatever temperature is ideal for you and your family. That way, you’ll be able to return to cool comfort in your home in Fort Payne or the surrounding northeast Alabama area.

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