The Unique Needs of Ductless HVAC Systems

Due to technological advancement, ductless systems have become more popular in modern homes. Ductless systems don’t operate in a series of ducts that are connected to an indoor air handler. The system divides the indoor unit and blower fans and distributes the system throughout your home. Thus, you get to fix individual air handlers in specific rooms. Ductless HVAC systems offer you zone-controlled heating and cooling. Although they are beneficial, the systems require unique repair needs. Below are some unique installation and maintenance requirements of ductless systems.

  1. Leaking Water Behind Air Handlers
    Every mounted air handler is connected to an outdoor unit and has a series of connections directed through the hole around it. A power line, refrigerant line, and condensate line are the key connections in a ductless system. The condensate line prevents moisture generated from the cooling process from entering your home. If the condensate line leaks, you can see water between the air handler and the wall. The water damages the wall and will probably destroy the handler. If you see any water damage behind the air handler, contact professionals for repairs.
  2. Broken Air Handlers
    This can be a benefit concerning ductless systems. When one air handler breaks down, the other air handlers in the house will work perfectly. The only part of your home that is not cooling or heating effect in the room with the broken air handler. When one unit breaks down, you need to call for repairs immediately. Fortunately, you will enjoy the comfort of your HVAC system in other rooms.
  3. Refrigerant Line Leaks
    Leaking refrigerants requires routine repair in air conditioners or heat pumps. However, ductless systems have a higher chance of experiencing refrigerant leaks. This is because there are multiple refrigerant lines for the various air handlers in the house. Always check for any signs of a refrigerant leak. Any drop in cooling or heating power, coils icing in the air handlers, or hissing noises in the air handler are signs of a refrigerant leak. Refrigerant leaks need to be fixed immediately. Failure to fix the leaks can break down the entire system.
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