Common Gas Furnace Issues

About half of the homes in the United States have a gas furnace for heating. Usually, they last a long time and are very energy efficient. There are some common problems they can develop, though. Some, you can fix yourself. Others need the attention of a trained technician. Thermostat Is Off If your furnace doesn't [...]

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How Do I Conserve Heat During the Winter?

Understanding how to conserve heating during the winter season is often a top concern for many homeowners. Looking at ways to conserve heat will reduce your utility bill and can save you a lot of money over an extended period. Keeping a few simple tips in mind is always a good idea to help you [...]

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3 Reasons Why the Furnace Is a Wonderful Invention

If you think about how people heated their homes in Fort Payne, AL, 150 years ago, you'll see how furnaces have changed human lives. You don't have to chop wood, lug it in, and keep a fire going thanks to modern furnaces. Here are three reasons why furnaces are one of the best inventions in [...]

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3 Common Furnace Problems

Most people who use a furnace to heat their homes appreciate the warmth and comfort their heating system provides throughout the winter months. However, things can quickly grow uncomfortable inside your home when a furnace is not working as expected. The following are a few common furnace problems, along with suggestions regarding how to address [...]

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How Does a Heating System Work?

The two most commonly used heating systems in the U.S. are furnaces and heat pumps. These two pieces of equipment operate in very different ways. The NATE-certified technicians who work at Bryant's Heating & Cooling in Fort Payne, AL, are qualified to do repairs, maintenance services and installations for practically every manufacturer’s make and model [...]

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Advantages of a WiFi Thermostat

Heating and cooling technology has advanced greatly from the days of warming our homes with wood fireplaces. Today, we are able to use a variety of energy sources for heating and cooling. We can even program our homes' thermostats to maintain our indoor temperatures at comfortable levels all year. In recent years, more people throughout [...]

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How to Save Energy During the Holidays

During the holiday season, you can expect that your heating bill will go up. However, you want to keep as much money as you can in your pocket, so it's a good idea to consider the following energy-saving tips. Seal Drafts Your heating system may work just fine, but if your home is drafty, it [...]

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3 Ways to Clean Your Heating System

No homeowner wants to deal with their heater breaking down, particularly in cold weather. Regular cleaning is the best way to prevent malfunctions and to ensure that your heater lasts for decades. To help you clean quickly and effectively, here are three key techniques to make use of. 1. Focus on the Filter The easiest [...]

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