There are many different types of air filters. 1″ filters should be replaced within 3 months. 4″ and 5″ filters are recommended to be replaced between 6 to 12 months, depending on the type of filter.

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The first thing you would want to check is to make sure your breaker to the unit is not off or tripped. If it is tripped and it trips again, you would want to go ahead and schedule to get it checked. If your breakers appear ok, check your thermostat and make sure it is set to either heat or cool, whichever is desired, and make sure it is set above the room temp for heat and below the room temp for cooling. If the system does not come on, you would need to make an appointment and one of our highly trained and qualified technicians to come out.

Running your unit without an air filter will cause the coils and other parts to clog with dirt leading to costly repairs. We recommend that you always use an air filter that is the correct size for your system anytime your unit is running.

No. If there is ice forming on the copper lines of your unit, there is a major problem. Main causes of this are low airflow due to a dirty filter or coil/duct problem. Another possible cause could also be related to refrigerant charge.

If your system is keeping up temperature and does as describe, it is normal for a heat pump. The reason the system does this is called the defrost cycle. A heat pump must run through a defrost cycle in the wintertime because the outdoor coil accumulates frost, and it has to melt off to keep the operation working correctly. The reversing valve will shift, causing the noise, and the outdoor fan will stop running. The unit is switching to ac mode outside to melt the frost, and the auxiliary heaters come on in the blower compartment to keep warm air blowing out. After the coil sensor reaches the set temperature, the valve switches back, and the outdoor fan starts running again in normal operation. (Some newer systems have sort delays between the valve switching to reduce noise.)

Typically 12-15 years on average. Regular maintenance twice a year and automatic filter changes will extend the life of your unit and save money. Call us to find out more about our maintenance plans to keep your system healthy.