Updated August 2023

You may have poor indoor air quality in your DeKalb County home if you frequently suffer from allergy symptoms. Indoor air quality can significantly affect your comfort at home and health. Therefore, watch out for these signs of poor indoor air quality so that you can solve the problem in your home.

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You Smell Unpleasant Odors in Your Home

Not all odors are a sign of poor indoor air quality. However, certain smells are a sign of a potential problem with your indoor air quality. If you notice musty smells in your home, you could be having biological growth behind the walls, in your basement, or your ducts. This growth could cause allergies. You may consider calling a technician for duct cleaning to remove the accumulation of debris and allow free airflow and get rid of smells through the vents.

Moisture Indoors

Another sign of poor indoor air quality is excess condensation that builds up on surfaces in your home. Excess humidity during the warm months often causes excess condensation. It would help to correct it because it can encourage mold growth. You could also be experiencing leaks around windows or doors that can interfere with indoor air quality. It would be best to inspect your home to discover the moisture source and improve indoor air quality.

A Constantly Dirty HVAC Unit

Pet dander and springtime allergens cause poor indoor air quality in homes. Your indoor air quality is poor if you change HVAC filters often or they are always filthy. Dirty HVAC ducts are also a sign of poor indoor air quality. You may need an expert to help you design a solution for improved indoor air quality.

Excess Dust

You probably have poor indoor air quality if you notice an excess accumulation of dust on appliances or furniture. The HVAC system should trap excess dust before it gets into your house. However, if it doesn’t do so, you are likely to face a problem with the quality of indoor air at home.

If you notice these signs in your home, it would be best to contact our team of experts to help you enhance your indoor air quality. We also specialize in fireplaces, humidifiers, oil furnaces, and Wi-Fi thermostats. Don’t hesitate to call Bryant's Heating & Cooling today to learn more about signs of poor indoor air quality and how to improve it.

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