3 Common Furnace Problems

Most people who use a furnace to heat their homes appreciate the warmth and comfort their heating system provides throughout the winter months. However, things can quickly grow uncomfortable inside your home when a furnace is not working as expected. The following are a few common furnace problems, along with suggestions regarding how to address them.

  1. Insufficient Heat Production
    Your furnace will need to produce a certain amount of heat to affect the temperature inside your home. Several factors can cause your furnace to produce less heat than is necessary to get the job done. First, check to make sure the power source to the furnace is working. You can also check the settings on the thermostat and take a moment to make sure heat registers are open. If these simple troubleshooting methods do not provide a fix, your furnace may need professional attention.
  2. Dirty Filters
    It is not possible to overstate the importance of making sure you change your furnace filters regularly. Once filters are clogged, the airflow to the system becomes restricted. This airflow restriction causes the furnace to work harder than usual. The increased workload can result in the overheating of the heat exchange or other problems that will eventually shut down the system. Homeowners with chronically dirty filters should consider themselves fortunate if the only price they pay is less system efficiency and a higher energy bill. But it is just as likely the lifespan of the system will become shortened.
  3. Burners are Dirty
    When burners are filled with dirt, oils, and other substances, it will become difficult to produce the gas necessary for combustion. This means that the home will receive no heat from the furnace. Clean and healthy burners that are free from debris will produce a blue flame. Burners that are yellow or orange are likely in need of cleaning. The second sign burners need cleaning is a rumbling or booming sound upon ignition. It is possible to clean burners on your own, but a professional is much better suited for the job.

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