3 Reasons Why the Furnace Is a Wonderful Invention

If you think about how people heated their homes in Fort Payne, AL, 150 years ago, you’ll see how furnaces have changed human lives. You don’t have to chop wood, lug it in, and keep a fire going thanks to modern furnaces. Here are three reasons why furnaces are one of the best inventions in human history.

  1. Safer Homes
    Cutting wood and maintaining a fire are dangerous tasks. Thanks to furnaces, you don’t have to do this every day. Modern heaters are outfitted with multiple safety devices and controls that shut down the system when there’s a problem. Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors also improve the safety of today’s newest furnaces.
  2. Healthier Lives
    When people had to burn a fire for heat, the process of burning wood or coal created a lot of particles. Indoor air quality in homes was terrible. Many people suffered from the effects of lung disease caused by breathing in dirty air their whole lives. Properly maintained furnaces burn fuel cleanly. Waste products are released into the outdoors, and particles are trapped by high-efficiency air filters. Today’s central heating systems use efficient ducts to distribute the heated air. Furnaces can maintain consistent temperatures throughout your house, too.
  3. Cleaner Air
    Burning wood and coal caused entire cities to have bad air quality. Today’s furnaces mostly use natural gas, which burns cleanly. The invention of modern furnaces has made cities cleaner and air easier for people to breathe both indoors and outdoors.

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