Ductless air conditioners, or mini-splits, are a popular comfort unit. They’re compact and can cool small spaces with great efficiency. You may be wondering, though, if mini-splits are a good alternative to central air conditioning. The answer depends on certain factors.

What One Compressor Can Do

First of all, a mini-split consists of one compressor, which goes outside, and one or more air handlers, which go in the rooms you want cooled. One compressor can connect to a maximum of eight air handlers.

One air handler by itself can’t cool an entire house. A typical 12,000 BTU air handler can cool a space of up to 800 square feet. But it’s possible that eight air handlers can split the job among themselves.

The Benefits of Zoning

If you intend to choose between a mini-split and central AC, then one question to ask yourself is whether you really need every space in your home cooled. Maybe it will suffice to have individual rooms cooled and not, for instance, the hallways.

Besides that, you’ll want to consider the benefits of zoning. Multiple air handlers mean multiple temperature zones. As a result, your family members can have the temperature they find most comfortable in their room.

Having Two Compressors

It’s not unheard of for homeowners to install two compressors, so if your home needs more than eight air handlers, you can always go that route. Ductless units are easy to install. One positive is that the piping between the compressor and an air handler can extend to as long as 50 feet. That gives you flexibility when it comes to the location of the compressor.

Over 40 Years of Experience

Here at Bryant’s Heating & Cooling, we’ve been installing ductless AC units in and around Fort Payne, AL, since 1981. We also perform repairs and tune-ups for both cooling and heating systems. In addition, we clean air ducts and install indoor air quality products like dehumidifiers. Our technicians all have NATE certification, too. To schedule a consultation about mini-splits, simply call us today.

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