How Can The iWave Help Fight Coronavirus?

The iWave air purifier has been independently tested for its ability to fight coronavirus. The results of the study were published in October and show how effective it is at inactivating the virus.

iWave Coronavirus Study

The independent lab results show that iWave is highly effective against the virus. Within 10 minutes, it inactivated 84.2% of the virus. After 15 minutes, it inactivated 92.6% of the virus. It was after 30 minutes that it inactivated 98.4% of the virus.

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How the iWave Air Purifier Works

Viruses like coronavirus spread much more easily indoors than outdoors. This is because there is less airflow. The iWave air purifier is installed in your home’s ducts by a technician. When air passes over it, it emits ions that reduce pathogens, odors, allergens, smoke, and particles. This greatly improves indoor air quality.

When viruses, bacteria, and mold are exposed to ions, they lose their hydrogen molecules. This removes their energy source and they die. The ions cause them to bind to one another and they’re caught by your furnace’s filter.

iWave Advantages

The iWave air purifier is a highly effective way to increase your home’s indoor air quality. It’s also budget-friendly. Unlike some air purifiers, it doesn’t produce ozone.

This air purifier also doesn’t require maintenance, unlike some other air purifiers. It doesn’t have bulbs or cells you need to replace, which can be expensive. It doesn’t have any replaceable parts, either.

iWave Models

There are four models. These are the iWave-C, iWave-M, iWave-R, and iWave-V. A licensed technician can help you decide which one is right for you.

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