The debris that collects in your furnace, your living room or the attic can all make its way to your ducts. Once the debris arrives there, this will significantly increase the amount that circulates around your home indefinitely. Therefore, it’s important to have your ducts cleaned on a regular basis to improve your home’s indoor air quality.

How Often Should You Clean Air Ducts?

It’s recommended that you clean the ducts every three to five years, but you can do so more often if you’d like. It’s also possible that you can get away with cleaning your ducts less frequently if your home is relatively clean or is not as crowded.

Other Benefits of Routine Air Duct Maintenance

In addition to improving indoor air quality, you can also make sure the ducts remain in good condition by keeping them free of mold, dust or other debris. You may also reduce the risk of rodents or other pests turning ducts into their home for the winter or beyond. In addition to cleaning your ducts, our team can perform duct leak testing to find gaps that air might be escaping from or any other types of damage that need to be addressed.

Don’t Forget About the Rest of the House

While regular air duct cleanings can help to improve indoor air quality, it’s not the only step you need to take. Ideally, you will also have your furnace cleaned annually in addition to sticking to a cleaning schedule for your home. If you have pets, you can improve indoor air quality by sticking to regular bathing and grooming schedules.

If it’s time for your home air ducts in Fort Payne to be cleaned, don’t hesitate to call Bryant’s Heating today! We can also install heating units, repair cooling systems and perform general indoor air quality tests to determine the best ways to make your DeKalb County home more comfortable.

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