How to Soundproof Your HVAC System the Right Way

HVAC systems will make noise at some point due in their lifespan due to wear and tear. Many HVAC systems produce noise due to moving parts, such as fans, coolers, and blowers. Noises can also come from static electricity buildup on the wires and static pressure buildup in the HVAC ductwork.

What Is HVAC Soundproofing?

HVAC soundproofing is the process of reducing sound levels around an HVAC system. The objective is to lower the overall level of noise coming from an air conditioner, fan, or other sources that are causing the problem. Many different types of materials can be used to help lessen sounds.

How Does HVAC Soundproofing Work?

Typically, soundproofing is accomplished by installing a sound-barrier material between sensitive parts of an HVAC system and the outdoors. Sound barriers can be placed surrounding the HVAC unit to lessen the noise coming from by keeping the sound contained in a small space.

The sound barrier works by creating a buffer between the equipment and your indoor home. The following are some ways you can soundproof your HVAC unit.

Wall Soundproofing

This is the most common type of HVAC soundproofing. Flat acoustic foam is one material that can be used for soundproofing and is one of the best to use to muffle noise. You can also use wood or vinyl panels to keep the sound from the HVAC unit contained. It’s usually the most cost-effective way to reduce noise.

Duct Soundproofing

If you have metal ductwork, the air that passes through can often loosen seals and screws. When this happens, you will hear vibrations from the ductwork.

A simple solution is to wrap your ductwork with insulation that muffles the noise coming from your ducts. There are also liners and wraps that you can buy specifically for soundproofing. For a long-term solution, you may need a professional to inspect your ductwork and perform repairs.

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