The Best Air Purifiers for Germs

While your indoor air may look and smell clean, other irritants and pathogens, such as germs, viruses, dust, and dirt, are floating in your air. You may want to consider purchasing an air purifier for your house in Fort Payne. These devices will improve the respiratory health of everyone in that enclosed environment. Shopping for an air purifier is not as simple as it seems because of the variety of specs and features found on different models. Here are some things to look for in an air purifier.

Three-Stage Filter

Some air purifiers have what is called a three-stage filter, meaning the air goes through three different components before it is released again. These stages are pre-filter, HEPA filter, and carbon filter.

The carbon filter is the final stage that removes the smallest particles from the air, including odors and smoke from cigarettes. Consider a three-stage system if you want the cleanest air possible and an odorless home.

Range and Speed

Not all air purifiers are created equal. Some are constructed to clean a small, enclosed den, while others are made to clean a large room or open area. You can also get air purifiers installed in your existing ventilation system to clean the air in the whole house. Be sure to consider the area you wish to clean when shopping for a unit.

HEPA Rating

If you want to get particles like germs and viruses out of the air, then purchase an air filter with a HyperHEPA filter. These filters remove 99.7% of particulates from the air, including microscopic viruses. They are known to remove particles down to .003 microns in size.

Call the Pros for Advice

If you are considering using air purifiers to help improve the quality of air in your home but do not know where to start, give Bryant's Heating & Cooling in Fort Payne, AL, a call today. Our team of professional technicians can help to identify and solve air quality issues, including the installation of the iWave air purifier. We also offer a variety of other services like general heating and cooling maintenance, duct cleaning, heating, and cooling maintenance, and thermostat replacement and upgrades.

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