What Are Air Conditioning BTU’s?

Choosing the right AC model for your home requires figuring out the BTUs. If you don’t know what BTUs are or why they’re important, we’ve created this quick guide for you. An experienced industry professional can also help you select the right size AC system.

What Is a BTU?

British thermal units, also known as BTUs, are a measurement used to identify thermal, or heat, energy. AC manufacturers include the BTU measurement to state the amount of heat a cooling device removes or adds to the air.

How Are BTUs Used?

The number of BTUs needed to cool space is calculated using the square footage of the home and other factors. If the BTUs are not calculated correctly, your AC system won’t cool your environment properly, which can be costly. Signs of inadequate cooling show up as short or long cycling. Units that run continuously can cause energy bills to skyrocket.

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Considerations When Figuring BTUs

Each home has its variables to consider when deciding what size of AC system to install. The number of occupants, the type of appliances used, and the home’s structure can affect your AC options. In addition, the shade or lack of shade covering the home needs to be factored into the calculations. Typically, west-facing and east-facing rooms will have different BTU requirements.

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