Preserve the comfort of your home by replacing your 20-year-old air conditioner with a modern, energy-efficient HVAC system. This article discusses several reasons why you should replace your old unit.


Old air conditioners often have a low-efficiency rating, meaning that the system uses a large amount of electricity to run. This leads to higher energy bills. Many old units also provide reduced comfort and diminished indoor air quality. Property owners and homeowners alike need to understand that older HVAC units may cost more than they realize. By upgrading to a modern HVAC system with a high SEER rating, individuals can cut their energy bills substantially.

Outdated Features

Older systems have limited features and struggle to meet modern and changing demands. Investing in a new HVAC system brings improved energy efficiency, increased comfort, and better indoor air quality. Newer HVAC systems offer advanced features, such as better filtration systems that trap harmful pollutants.

Noisy System

An old and noisy HVAC system can be quite frustrating. Worn motor bearings, bent fan blades, and loose hardware, such as screws and bolts, often cause noise. Motor bearings consist of bearings that wear out over time, resulting in increased noise and vibration. Bent fan blades also cause an increase in noise as the blades rub against various parts of the system. Loose hardware creates rattles and vibrations when it moves around inside a unit due to its age or improper installation.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is crucial to our health and well-being. Old or ill-maintained air conditioners don’t properly prevent particulates from being circulated in your indoor air. These pollutants trigger respiratory problems such as allergies and asthma. Upgrading to a more modern air conditioning system can provide better filtration for airborne pollutants.

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