What Should I Do When My AC Unit Freezes Up?

If you see your outdoor AC unit has frozen up, it's important to take care of the situation right away. Continuing to use your air conditioner can result in major damage. There are things you can do to prevent this from happening in the first place. Thaw It Out Turn off the power to your [...]

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How to Soundproof Your HVAC System the Right Way

HVAC systems will make noise at some point due in their lifespan due to wear and tear. Many HVAC systems produce noise due to moving parts, such as fans, coolers, and blowers. Noises can also come from static electricity buildup on the wires and static pressure buildup in the HVAC ductwork. What Is HVAC Soundproofing? [...]

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Can I Reduce My AC Bill by Closing Upstairs Air Vents?

Closing the air vents to unoccupied rooms sounds like a good idea; after all, you don't want your AC to run unnecessarily. However, what sounds good in theory has an adverse effect on your AC and your energy bill in practice. Consider the following points. Closing the Vents Contributes to Energy Loss Your air conditioner [...]

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3 Tips to Fix Uneven Heating in Your Home

During winter, you may notice that certain parts of your home aren't getting sufficient heat. That can be frustrating and uncomfortable, and there are several reasons it may be happening. To get your home's heating back on track, you'll need to do some troubleshooting and investigating. 1. Change the Thermostat Setting Most thermostats have two [...]

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How Does the Furnace Heat My House?

The coolest months of the year have arrived in Fort Payne, AL. You might not spend much time thinking about your home's heating system, especially if it's working properly. If you've ever wondered just how a furnace works, this is an important question. Here's what you need to know about how an electric furnace works [...]

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